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Reba gives birth to 10 puppies

by Randall Beaird

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Reba (left) Nemo (right)

Nemo woke me up early yesterday morning, barking by my window.  I could tell he was excited about something, and had a good idea.  I made my way out to the shed next to the old chicken house, and,  sure enough, Reba had 10 puppies by her side.  I laid straw in about three different areas in the sheds two sections, and Reba chose to give birth under the old twin bed frame.  Yes, there was actually an old iron box spring mattress in this shed for one of the chicken house workers to sleep on, with a propane outlet added to keep warm in the winter.  In my farm’s heyday, there were eight 300 foot long chicken houses.  Nemo is the proud father, but Reba let him know to keep his distance. Today she let him lick them, but not very long.

I was at the vet today having their dewclaws removed and met a nice older gentleman.  He was probably at least 80, and was there for his chihuahuas’ nails to be trimmed.  He said it was his wife’s dog but she passed two years ago, and the little rascal took to him pretty good.  He also said he was going to ask the vet to trim his toenails because they were terribly long and he couldn’t reach them anymore.  I thought he was kidding, but after seeing him walk and him bringing it up again I knew he was having trouble.  So I told him I would take care of them outside on the porch if he had any clippers.  Of course he didn’t and I wish now I went to the dollar store and bought a pair.

16 days old--June 6, 2014

16 days old–June 6, 2014


#8 female, 15 days old

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