My books

Randy Bamboo Comic A kid with an active imagination and his good friend, Jane, create a humorous team. 100 captivating pages!

Your House of Education This is a powerful story about why school is so important. It answers that simple, yet profound question, “Where will you live?” (You are building it now.) It has also been been made into a captivating cartoon with original music/lyrics added here. Counselors and teachers around the world are having their students read/watch this inspirational story.

Randy Bamboo in Chicken City A kid from the city moves to the country! “Finally, I was going to be a good old country boy. (My country cousins always called me city boy.) Mom and Dad became Ma and Pa, just like the old western movies while my bicycle hopped around like a wild bronco.” Join this suspense filled adventure as Randy raises chickens and hopes for eggs that he can one day sell.

Randy Bamboo in Hog Heaven After raising chickens in “Chicken City,” Randy is ready to try his hand at pigs. “I felt I discovered my future occupation. These animals were so weird, they were cool. They all seemed to be asking, demanding, or begging for something with their wide range of grunts and squeals. Raising pigs would never be boring. We laughed and stared for hours. Rita’s different grunts and squeals were better than any Saturday morning cartoon.”

Randy Bamboo in Panda Paradise After raising chickens and pigs, Randy was ready for a change. Since his classmates nicknamed him Randy Bamboo (after bringing a bamboo pen to school one day), he decided to talk his parents into growing bamboo on their farm. Join Randy and his siblings in this captivating bamboo raising adventure. One page reads… “Okay, Peanut, I need you to go over and do your business on that bamboo. We don’t need any bamboo houseplants out there for sale.” As the tiny dog crawled toward the bamboo on its belly, Randy’s favorite hen, Roxanne, smelled danger coming and sounded the alarm. “Bawk, bawk, bawk!” This only encouraged the hairy invader, which licked its lips and continued forward. However, all the commotion woke Rita, who stood up, looking like a 300-pound linebacker. In the small puppy’s mind, plans changed. It stood up to run but fainted on the spot. This sent the houseplant lady into hysterics, but after a little CPR, the tiny terrier jumped back in her lap. Quick-thinking Melissa took her a small “Get Well Soon” potted bamboo.

Randy Bamboo in Shark City The nervous croaker drifted down into the deep water, where the big blacktip sharks like to look for a little snack. It was only a matter of minutes before Jennifer, who was holding the pole, shouted, “I got one! I got one!” Sure enough, the fishing rod was doubled over as Mom sat on the ice-chest and held onto her. Who would win this great battle? Jennifer would reel in a little, and the shark would make a run and take out yards of line. Mom, showed her how to set the drag just right. The drag dial kept the shark from breaking the line by letting line out when it pulled extra hard. But, if the drag was set too loose, the shark would pull out all the line, and then snap it. That’s what they called “getting spooled.”

The Gingerbread Boy There’s magic in the air when the gingerbread boy comes to life and finds a true friend in a little girl. They are soon joined by three familiar little pigs and one dangerous wolf. Join this humorous little tale of trials and triumph.

Life’s A Canvas A message for kids to keep moving forward in life. There’s lots of great things to experience. Life’s a canvas, and you’re the painter. This story has a energetic song and video that goes with it here. (The song/video has the exact words as the book.)