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From newspapers to my blog

by Randall Beaird

Coyote Grove was published in about twenty newspapers across the southern states.  It covered life in the country and a medley of other topics.  Randy Bamboo is my blog, and my older columns will be mixed with it.
coyote3randallSome of my friends call me Bamboo.  I’ve planted over 20 varieties all across my farm, Shawnee Grove. I have everything from the mighty giant Moso sidebenchafrom China, to the

functional Arrow Bamboo from Japan. Once used often in the heat of battle, it now stands tall as a rather peaceful, though stunning houseplant.

I have large piles of spalted oak and old chicken house lumber that I turn in to tables and benches.  And then there’s Reba and Nemo, my Anatolian Shepherds that keep an eye on my herd of lawnmowers (Katahdin Sheep.)

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3 Responses to From newspapers to my blog

  1. Great video’s ref the dogs, and the ‘songware’.. Good to hear from you. You will feel honored, this is the first time I have EVER followed or responded to any “blog’.. I don’t do Facebook either. Reckin’ I’m showin’ my age ? ?

  2. Jacquelyn Mouton says:

    We are wanting to plant bamboo as a natural fence around the sides and back of our property, which bamboo is best to use for this and about how long would it take it to grow so thick dogs couldnt get through it?


  3. RB says:

    “Golden/Fishpole Bamboo” would be a good choice, and is probably the easiest/cheapest to find. As for how long it would take, that depends on what size canes/rootball you plant and how close together. If you plant 1 gallon plants five feet apart, I think it would take about seven years to form a thick enough screen to keep dogs out. If you planted the five gallon size, five feet apart, it might take about five years. It’s just going to take some time for it to be thick enough to keep a dog out. Good luck!