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Final curtain call

Only 55% of all Americans know the sun is a star. Maybe the thought of it as a “falling star” is too much to bear. But, stars don’t fall, they just explode. Our Sun is an ordinary G2 star, one … Continue reading

Randy Bamboo, Volume 1

Here’s 19 pages of my first comic book, Randy Bamboo, written by me, RC Beaird, Illustrated by Borislav Grabovic. The paperback, 100 pages, is available here.  The animated version for the first ten pages is here.  (Jason was the original … Continue reading

Launched my lessons website

by Randall Beaird I put some of my lessons on Here’s a free sample:               I’ve also written a few educational cartoons. The most popular one, Your House of Education (why education is … Continue reading

Scotty Beaird Road

by Randall Beaird My father is buried close to Scotty Beaird Road out in Moffett, Texas.  Scotty was my father’s cousin, my second cousin, and is buried not far from my father. As is usually the case, Scotty once lived … Continue reading

Jason Beaird, an amazing brother

by Randall Beaird I enjoy writing lyrics.  Lucky for me, I have my brother Jason, an incredible musician, who comes up with great melodies and sings them in a matter of minutes.  Most of the songs you’ll see at Jason is … Continue reading